Verification of Identity (VOI)

In order to minimise the risk of fraud and identity theft, we are required under Government legislation to verify your identity when buying or selling a property in Australia. Unless your identity has been verified for Loop Law within the last 2 years, you are required to have a face to face identity check by a representative from ZipID. If you live in an area that is not serviced by ZipID, it is possible to attend certain Australia Post outlets and have your identity verified there.

We will provide a link via the Loop Law app to a ZipID booking form specific to your matter, which will require you to follow a few simple steps to create a booking.

Book a verification of identity on Loop

Required Identity Documents

ZipID will issue you a booking form specifying the type of identity documents you will require for the verification process (usually your Australian passport and drivers licence are sufficient). ZipID will then generate a verification report that will be provided directly to us electronically.

Costs of VOI

ZipID’s fee for the verification process will be managed by ZipID directly with you. Their costs start at $59.00 per person, and will vary based upon booking times. ZipID will provide you with more information in this regard when you arrange an appointment with them.

Australia Post

If you do not wish to use ZipID or you are in an area not serviced by ZipID, you can attend an Australia Post office to have your identity verified. The process similar to that noted above, however, the fee charged by Australia Post will be different and a different form (available from the Loop Law app) is required.

Client Authorisation Form

At Loop Law we subscribe to the PEXA network which is an online property system that allows us to electronically carry out the settlement of your property faster, safer and more efficiently, allowing you faster access to cleared funds following settlement.

In order to settle using PEXA we will provide you with a Client Authorisation Form to be signed by you and witnessed by a representative from ZipID/Australia Post at the same time that your identity is being verified. This form allows Loop Law to act for you in the sale of your property using the PEXA network.

You will need to download a personalised Client Authorisation Form from the Loop Law app, print it out and have it with you when you undertake the VOI process. The person verifying your identity must witness you signing the Client Authorisation Form.

If you are using Loop Law on your mobile, then please see this article on how to

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