We are legally required to make certain disclosures to you about our fees and other charges.

Our Costs Disclosure Agreement informs you of how we are going to charge you for our services and the amount to be charged.

Our service involves assisting you through every step of the conveyancing process, from preparation of the contract to ultimately settling the sale of your home or investment property.

Once you have completed the property onboard questions in the Loop app, you, and any other owners of the property you are selling, will be asked to accept our Costs Disclosure Agreement. We are unable to proceed with your matter until you have accepted our Costs Disclosure Agreement.

Accepting the Costs Disclosure agreement will look a little like the following:

WATCH: Accept Loop.law Costs Disclosure Agreement

Professional Fees

Our professional fees for acting on the sale of your property are $950.00 plus GST and disbursements.

The Costs Disclosure Agreement sets out the specific work we will undertake on your behalf, however, a brief summary of what we will be providing includes:

∙ preparation of the contract for sale;
∙ obtaining document searches for attachment to the contract for sale;
∙ distribution of the contract for sale to agents and prospective purchasers;
∙ handling any requests for amendments from purchasers’ representatives;
∙ management of exchange of contracts; and
∙ management of settlement.


In addition to our professional fees you will need to pay for the cost of disbursements that we incur from our third party providers. These fees include search fees, enquiry fees and certificate fees as set out in our Costs Disclosure Agreement. There are various documents that we are required to attach to the contract for sale which will need to be obtained from third parties. We do not add a margin or mark-up on the cost of disbursements that we incur. We only charge you the actual costs that we incur.

There are several matters that determine which documents we will need to order for you, including the location of your property and whether your property is a house or unit. If you have a copy of the contract for sale when you purchased your property, please provide that to us, and we may be able to utilise some of the statutory documents attached to it so as to reduce your overall disbursement costs.

Disclaimer The information in this guide is general in nature only and does not constitute legal advice. You should not rely on the information in this guide as being applicable to your particular circumstances. For specific advice regarding any matter please ensure you contact Loop Law.

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